These Are The Movies You Can’t Miss In 2019

”Maybe it’s time we try something new.”

That’s the EXACT feeling we get after a new movie releases in theatres. As a new year begins, it brings new hopes, expectations, dreams, and even movies. The entertainment industry is thriving, and every year we get to see new talent on-screen.

In the year 2018, it was all about off-beat movies and embracing different cultures through cinema. 2019 seems like a promising year and there is a list of movies that you cannot miss! We have made a list just for you. This will keep you hooked all through the year.

The Movies To Watch Out For In The Year 2019

The entertainment industry has something for everyone. This list houses all genres and is meant to instil thrill inside a movie buff’s heart! Take a quick look at the list.

Let’s start with something groundbreaking, shall we? Let’s start with something for adults only. Let’s start with… Detention Girls!

Detention Girls – giving misbehaving girls a lesson… of sex

Detention Girls is all about teaching girls manners. While it might sound boring in reality it’s a very hard job. Girls these days… it’s a subject to write in a book, but let us give you an idea. Imagine misbehaving, bratty girls. They trick, they seduce and they piss men off. Now it’s payback time. Any misdoing girl caught will be prosecuted – using our naughty methods.

Rocketman (Drama)

This musical is based on Elton John’s real life. A creation of Dexter Fletcher and Lee Hall, this movie gives you a sneak peak of Elton John’s breakthrough years. The movie is set to hit the screens in the month of May. Who is going to play the lead role? You will be seeing Taron Egerton as the bespectacled musician!

The Secret Life Of Pets 2 (Comedy)

If you have got a funny bone, this movie will surely interest you. Have you ever wondered what your little pooch does after you leave the home? This film showcases animal psychology brilliantly. Chris Renaud is the director of the film, and this is set to release in the month of May! It seems like May is the month of good CINEMA!

john wick

John Wick (Chapter 3) (Action)

Action-packed movies are always going to be in the trend especially when Keanu Reeves is there to keep you interested. John Wick is the main character who has a price tag of $14 million on his head. Escaping from New York is his aim, but the question is – how is he going to do it? Guess what? The movie will be out in mid-May!

toy story

Toy Story 4 (Comedy)

Age is just a number, my friend. You could be in your mid-50s and still enjoy the famous Toy Story movie. It’s happening again! Toy Story 4 is all about Woodie, Buzz Light year, and all the characters going out on a road trip. Well, there is a detour right here! Woodie gets to meet his long-lost friend, Bo Peep, but they realize that they are poles apart. Directed by Josh Cooley, the movie is set to release in June!

Annabelle Comes Home (Horror)

Wait! Did you hear something moving under your bed? Could it be Annabelle? It is possible because she is returning in theatres near you. Ed and Lorraine Warren continue their journey as paranormal investigators. This seems like a promising story!

Brace Up, Movie Fanatics!

Looks like you are excited about this year’s releases. So are we! Movies make our life even more stimulating, and it gets better when directors and writers touch our hearts with new narratives. There’s a lot more coming your way this year!

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