Most Anticipated Movies of 2018

The year 2017 saw some of the best movies that hit the theatres for some time. With the likes of Wonder Woman, Blade Runner 2049, Call Me By Your Name, Lady Bird, La La Land, and the latest sequel of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it was a year to be remembered for every movie maniac on the planet. 

What lies ahead? Well, seems like cinema will keep mankind entertained and mesmerized forever.

There is plenty more to come in terms of jaw-dropping, nerve wracking, and heart touching entertainment in the year 2018 as well.

Here is a list of the most anticipated movies that will hit the theatres this year.

Hot Crazy Mess – Nubiles Production

Hot Crazy Mess
Hot Crazy Mess

Girls who bring not only joy but a lot of problems. The famous no-go zone is their zone. We are talking about girls that are known to have daddy issues. They do everything they can to seduce older men and have sex with them. No matter if it’s their step daddy or just a random teacher in their school – they are ready for whatever. This Nubiles production has a chance to become instant classic thank to its POV-style and amateur footage of all the action. If you are ready to see what is what you need to visit the official video website.

MYLF – New Generation of MILF

MYLF - New Generation MILFs
MYLF – New Generation MILFs

The big release of MYLF is coming. It’s still without a definite date, but we anticipate is somewhere around summer/autumn 2018. Called the new generation of MILF all lovers of mature women will love the new approach to entertainment served by them. MYLF – Mom You Would Love To F*** – it’s basically an approach showing that these moms are directly asking you to participate in their stories. 7 sub-series, full of absurd, but very sexy video content. We just can’t wait to see all these big names from MILF world in the MYLF kingdom.

Avengers: Infinity War

As the Avengers and their allies keep on protecting the planet from threats of unimaginable proportions for the sixth continuous year starting from 2012, new dangers keep on emerging.

Directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, this latest sequel of Avengers features Chadwick Boseman, Letitia Wright, Tessa Thompson, and Scarlett Johansson. The movie is expected to premiere on the 27th of April 2018.

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

The Animated fiction comedy that entertained many a fan six years ago returns with a new twist to its plot. Ralph and Vanellope, who’ve become friends by now, find a wi-fi router which leads them to a whole new world of adventure.

Another Walt Disney production, Wreck-It Ralph 2 is voiced by Kelly Macdonald, Kristen Bell, Mandy Moore, and John C. Riley. The movie is still in its filming stages and is expected to be released later this year.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The Sci-Fi thriller that brought to life the amazing world of prehistoric dinosaurs in a luxury resort off the coast of Costa Rica is set to return with some jaw-dropping adventures. As a dormant volcano starts making its way towards eruption, Owen and Claire are desperate to save the remaining creatures from extinction.

With lead roles played by Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Pratt, and Rafe Spall, the movie is currently in its post-production stages. We can expect to witness yet another Jurassic World adventure directed by J. A. Bayona later this year.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

The superheroes of X-Men are back with some more nerve-racking action to keep you on the edge of your seat. This time around, Jean Gray gets incredible superpowers which corrupt her and transform her into a dark phoenix. The X-Men team is left with the tough choice between one of their own and the people of the world.

Directed by Simon Kinberg and lead roles played by the charming Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner, Jessica Chastain, and the talented Michael Fassbender, this sequel of X-Men is sure to drop your jaw a number of times later this year.

The Untitled Deadpool Sequel

The R-rated superhero movie that set the global box office ablaze with record income,is back with its untitled sequel this year. Even though the plot remains undisclosed to this date, viewer discretion is advised if you can’t tolerate superhero action of the highest quality.

Directed by David Leitch, this thriller is scheduled to make its way to the theatres on the 18th of May. With Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, and Ryan Reynolds playing the lead roles, the upcoming Deadpool sequel is all set to redefine the futuristic superhero movie culture of our time.

In addition to the above, there are a number of fascinating movies in production stages. MI 6, Incredibles 2, Ant Man and the Wasp, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Pacific Rim Uprising, Ready Player One, Mowgli, and Aquaman are some of the super hits that are expected to be released later this year.

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