Calling All Filmmakers!


June 24, 2-14–Now in its eighth year, the Alexandria Film Festival is currently seeking a diverse selection of films from around the world. The films will be showcased Nov. 6-9 in sites around Alexandria. Some of Alexandria’s most historic buildings will be venues, including the landmark Old Town Theater. Features and shorts, as well as all genres are eligible for cash prizes including: Best of Fest, Special Jury and Audience awards.

In particular, we seek film submissions for selected programs which will focus on:

* the power of art(s) to improve human health and well-being.

* sustainability: environmental, social and economic and all issues and sub-issues related thereto, e.g. sustainable agriculture, architecture, cultures, etc.

Filmmakers are encouraged to interpret these categories broadly.

More information on submission requirements can be found at There is an early-bird discount for submissions, which ends July 21. The regular deadline for film submissions is August 18.

Besides the annual film festival, the organization is expanding its activities to include year-round offerings, providing cultural enrichment to the entire D.C. metro area.

Last year’s festival featured 62 films from 12 countries, including world, U.S. and D.C. area premieres. In addition to the films, the festival offers Q&As with filmmakers and presentations by guest speakers relating to the films.
The historic port city of Alexandria was founded in 1749, and is directly across the Potomac River from the nation’s capital.

The Alexandria Film Festival is made possible thanks to the generous support of its corporate and individual sponsors, as well as the Alexandria Commission for the Arts.

Films We Showed in November, 2012



WORLD PREMIER (1 hour 25 minutes) Produced by an Academy Award-winning team including the Executive Producer of Taxi to the Dark Side and the Editor of Inside Job, UPRISING tells the inside story of the Egyptian revolution from the perspective of its principal leaders and organizers, including four Nobel Peace Prize nominees. Their success in forcing the downfall of a brutal dictatorship has changed the face of the Middle East and provided hope for millions of oppressed people across the world. Above all, it is a story of profound hope, of courage rewarded, of a people who beat back a police state and threw off the shackles of decades of degradation and oppression. Filmmaker Fredrik Stanton and Cinamatographer Samar Ezeldin will join us! trailer:,5445/Fredrik-Stanton-Uprising

Filmmaker Bio: Author of Great Negotiations: Agreements that Changed the Modern World, Fredrik Stanton is a John C. Whitehead Fellow of the Foreign Policy Association. He has appeared on C-Span’s Washington Journal and Voice of America, and his writing has been published in the Washington,, Politico, the Boston Herald and the United Nations Association’s A Global Agenda. He recently completed filming a documentary about the Egyptian revolution. Mr. Stanton is the former president and publisher of the Columbia Daily Spectator. He has served as an election monitor in Armenia, the Republic of Georgia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Azerbaijan

Mariachi Gringo

(1 hour 47 minutes)  Edward (Shawn Ashmore) is approaching his thirtieth birthday; he lives at home, suffers from anxiety, and is going nowhere fast and knows it.  After being laid-off at work, Edward goes to the local Mexican restaurant.  There the owner, Alberto (Fernando Beccaril), regales his customers with great Mariachi standards.  Before Edward leaves he strikes up a conversation with Alberto, and soon he is invited to take lessons with him to learn how to play like a Mariachi.  Eventually Edwards develops the courage to accept the offer and starts to gain confidence inhimself.  Alberto tells Edward of Guadalajara and fond stories of his past. Filmmaker: Thomas Gustafson.

Film Trailer

180 Degrees

(1 hour 45 minutes) In Spanish with English subtitles. This is a story about changes. From the ones that never took place, to those that might still get to happen. Of dreams left a long time ago in the freezer, words that never finally came out, that street we never finally got to cross. Characters still hanging, lingering, if by the very thread all of their actions have now barely left to do so. While stepping into the mirror of distant relationships, love betrayed, dreams postponed and pop-corn still waiting to be eaten, the question still remains, can there be a change? Can life turn around? Yet this, quite openly, is not just another film with only questions. Through its characters, their conflicts and resolutions, it does provide some answers. trailer:

Break Through

(1 hour 1 minute) Break Through is a raw, eye-opening documentary following a group of impassioned theatre students who come together to produce a play aiming to shed light on the many stigmas and equality-rights issues faced by LGBT youth in the United States today. Throughout the creative process, they face the truths about themselves and their families. In the end, they learn the importance of self-acceptance and of overcoming their fears, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. Filmmaker Aaron Hose will join us!

Filmmaker bio: Aaron Hosé is an Emmy Award-winning producer with over ten years of experience. In 2010, Aaron completed his debut feature-length documentary, Voices in the Clouds, which he produced and directed in Taiwan. Since its release, the film has screened and won awards at film festivals in the Caribbean, North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. As a filmmaker, event producer and mentor, Aaron is also actively involved with festivals and organizations such as the Aruba International Film Festival and the San Diego Asian Film Foundation. He is a return artist to the Alexandria Film Festival! trailer:


(92 minutes) AVERY could have been the next big thing in music until his lover and muse died in front of him. As his creativity turns to self-destruction, Avery visits a mysterious room that offers dark solutions. Filmmaker Anthony Vescio will join us! The film’s writer is an Alexandria citizen. 

Filmmaker bio:  Anthony has a proven knack for Directing. A true cinephile and student of 70’s films, his focus lies in capturing honest, authentic performances and making “old Hollywood” stories with a “new Hollywood” style. Anthony has directed multiple award-winning short films and continues to work on national ad campaigns. “Granted” Trailer:

Refuge: Stories of the Selfhelp Home


(1 hour) ‘REFUGE’ is a one-hour documentary that reaches back over 70 years to give a voice to the last generation of victims of Nazi persecution. The film weaves together historical narrative, archival footage and deeply personal testimony to explore the lives of six Chicagoans against the context of the Nazi cataclysm and tell the story of a singular community that has given refuge to more than 1,000 Central European Jewish refugees and survivors. Filmmaker Ethan Bensinger will join us! Trailer:

Filmmaker bio: This is Ethan’s first film. Ethan’s parents and grandparents were forced to flee the Nazi regime in the 1930s for a new life in Palestine. Ethan was born after the State of Israel was founded and then moved with his family to America in 1955. His family’s experience led Ethan to his chosen profession as an immigration lawyer, and for 25 years, Ethan served as the Managing Director of the Chicago office of a global immigration law firm. Since his retirement from law, Ethan has been involved in volunteer and philanthropic endeavors. He has also taken his interest in history and archaeology to write his blog, Sightseeing In Israel, a virtual tour of some of the most interesting “off the beaten track” sites to explore when traveling to Israel. With his film REFUGE, Ethan has turned his love of gathering historical narratives into a new career in filmmaking.

Where the Yellowstone Goes

(88 minutes). Where *does* the longest undammed river, in the entire lower 48, take a person? What sorts of people live along its shore? History, controversy, beautiful scenery (and of course flyfishing…) combine to tell a 30-day story of friends seeking the rhythm of the river, not the human rat race, and what they discovered.

Scarlet Road

(1 Hour 46 minutes) Impassioned about freedom of sexual expression, Australian sex worker Rachel Wotton has become highly specialized in working with clients with disability. Rachel’s philosophy, that human touch and sexual intimacy can be some of the most therapeutic aspects to our existence, is making a dramatic impact on the lives of her clients, Mark and John. This film is a real-life version of “The Sessions”! Advisory: sexual subject matter and brief nudity. Trailer:

The Cove

(1 hour 32 minutes) Using state-of-the-art equipment, a group of activists, led by renowned dolphin trainer Ric O’Barry, infiltrate a cove near Taijii, Japan to expose both a shocking instance of animal abuse and a serious threat to human health. 2009 Oscar winner for Best Feature Documentary. Advisory: graphic scenes of animal abuse and harm. Director: Louie Psihoyos.

Voyage to Amasia

Image(1 hour 24 minutes) ‘Voyage To Amasia’ is a feature documentary inspired by Eric Hachikian’s piano trio of the same name. Amasya, Turkey is the city from which Eric’s grandmother fled during the Armenian Genocide. The filmmakers made a real voyage to Amasia, tracing a path through the past, telling Eric’s family’s story and the story of the current people of Turkey and Armenia. Filmmakers Randy Bell and Eric Hachikian will join us! film trailer:

We’re Not Broke

(1 hour 21 minutes) America is in the grip of a societal economic panic. Lawmakers cry ‘We’re Broke!’ as they slash budgets, lay off schoolteachers, police, and firefighters, crumbling our country’s social fabric and leaving many Americans scrambling to survive. Meanwhile, multibillion-dollar corporations like Exxon, Google and Bank of America are making record profits. And while the deficit climbs and the cuts deepen, these corporations, with intimate ties to our political leaders, are concealing colossal profits overseas to avoid paying U.S. income tax. WE’RE NOT BROKE is the story of how U.S. corporations have been able to hide over a trillion dollars from Uncle Sam, and how seven fed-up Americans from across the country take their frustration to the streets…and vow to make them pay. Filmmaker Victoria Bruce will join us! Trailer:

The Nextnik

(1 hour 16 minutes) Larry worked for the same company for 25 years. He went from the very bottom to the very top. Then one day, without warning, he’s downsized. Larry knows he’ll never make the same money in the same field ever again. With old friends and new he starts over to try something new, something different…But what? The Nextnik. Starting over ain’t for wimps.!home/mainPage   Filmmaker Mike Kravinsky will join us!

Bat City

Laura Brooks (51 minutes) Bat City USA delves into Austin’s complicated relationship with a colony of Mexican free-tailed bats under the downtown Congress Avenue Bridge. Each year, thousands of people get a fascinating, close-up glimpse of the world’s largest urban bat colony amid the colorful downtown Austin, Texas setting. The film reveals how the bats moved into the bridge and survived eradication plans by hostile residents. Viewers discover how the bats eventually became a beloved part of what makes Austin unique and weird, mainly through the efforts of Merlin Tuttle, founder of Bat Conservation International, who convinced residents of the benefits of the bats. Filmmaker Laura Brooks will be joining us!

Film Maker Bio: Laura Brooks is a bilingual Austin filmmaker and journalist who has worked as a journalist for more than 25 years. She covered political, military and energy news as a correspondent in Latin America and Europe for numerous print and broadcast media, including The Washington Post, the BBC and The Miami Herald. She covered the US-Mexico border as a reporter in Arizona and wrote extensively about consumer issues in Tucson. Laura has directed two short films, MR. BEAR and FLYING REMOTE. BAT CITY USA is her first documentary. Film Trailer


(1 hour 31 minutes) Three middle-schoolers take on greedy land developers, corrupt politicians, and clueless cops in the mystery adventure HOOT based on Carl Hiaasen’s Newbery Honor-winning book. Trailer:

Tori Nelson: Fighting for her future

Image(41 minutes) A documentary about Tori Nelson, a WBC World Middleweight boxing champion, who struggles with raising two teenage children on three minimum paying jobs while struggling to maintain her professional boxing career. With only her trainer, she has fought to become the #1 USA Middleweight title holder and WBC world boxing champion. Tori Nelson and her manager hope to gain sponsorship so she can continue her career and help her children with a better life.  We hope to have both filmmaker, Jeff Reiger, and Tori Nelson join us!

Dream With Me

(22 MINUTES) “Dream with Me” uncovers the deepest cracks of how the system is leaving our children severely under-educated and unprepared while leading a nation into a silent epidemic of high dropout rates that could paralyze the future of our country. Granted unprecedented access inside Los Angeles Unified School District for an entire school year, the film provides a startling look at what is transpiring in our schools. This intimate portrayal shows the impact of social promotion, overcrowding, test scores, budget cuts, pink slips, teacher layoffs and unions have on the schools. Making clear some of the fundamental inequalities forced on the least powerful in our country, while providing the potential to inspire individuals to become the agents of change needed to save public education in America. The filmmaker, Henri Hebert, and film personalities will join us!

Film Maker Bio: For more than 15 years, Henri Hebert has created, produced, cast, directed and written non-fiction projects for print, syndication, network and cable television. After 9/11, Henri was armed with a desire to do more professionally and socially. With this commitment, Henri began volunteering in Watts, CA working on the weekends with at-risk teens. In 2003, Henri co-created a photography program for Step Up Women’s Network that is now sponsored by Crystal Light in three cities as part of its teen self-esteem and empowerment program for at-risk girls. In 2005, Henri partnered with Kimberly Goodman to begin work on their first docu-short entitled, “When I am President”. This docu-short later went on to be gifted to Step Up Women’s Network which became a multi-million dollar fundraising tool for the organization.  In 2006 and 2007, Dove and Crystal Light worked with Henri and Kimberly to create documentary shorts for their sponsored programs with Step Up Women’s Network.

 Film Trailer

The Color of Moonlight

(11 minutes) A real-life story of a young woman who suddenly became totally blind months before her college graduation, how she fought back with courage and achieved success. This is a testament to the resilience of human spirit and how it can overcome any insurmountable odds. All you need is motivation. Directed by Naga Kataru.



(22 minutes) This is a short and poignant story about the life of the main heroine Anna and her hellish journey from dream to become a film actress, through communist torture, to the monastic quarters. A story of double standards, hypocrisy and cruelty of the past and present. Filmmaker Igor Aleksov.

You Bring Something Back

(8 minutes) On her return from active duty in Afghanistan, CMT Sarah Simpson is unaware that an incident whilst on duty, has left her with much more than physical scars. As everyday life quickly becomes a nightmare, Sarah begins to suffer the horrific symptoms of PTSD. Filmmaker Michelle Arbon.

Red Valentine

(15 minutes) When a pair of young lovers are discovered dead, a tangled web of deception unravels revealing that behind the passionate tragedy lies a dangerous truth. Filmmaker Glenn Stewart.

Cool It

Amidst the strong and polarized opinions within the global warming debate, Cool It follows Bjorn Lomborg, the controversial author of The Skeptical Environmentalist, on his mission to bring the smartest solutions to climate change, environmental pollution, and other major problems in the world.


Bollywood Invasion

(19 minutes) Rahul – an awkward and introverted college student – must dance at a Bollywood dance competition in order to overcome his fear of the spotlight, and quite possibly, win over the girl of his dreams. Director Shaan Dasani will join us!

Filmmaker bio: Born and raised in North Carolina, Shaan Dasani moved to California in 2003 to pursue her passions in filmmaking. While obtaining her MFA at Chapman University, Dasani quickly made a name for herself as the recipient of the Hayde Scholarship. She worked closely with mentor and DGA director Carl Franklin (Out of Time, Devil in a Blue Dress) on her movie Dada Ji, a family comedy starring Kumar Pallana (The Terminal, The Royal Tenenbaums).  The movie went on to screen at a variety of children’s and family film festivals, picking up a “Best Short Film” nomination at the Danville International Children’s Film Festival. Shaan lives in Los Angeles CA.

Edita Felix

(5 minutes) A young ballet dancer prepares for an audition. Filmmaker Zac Wong

Blood Makes the Green Grass Grow

(30 minutes) A middle-aged couple struggles to confront a hidden tragedy threatening to destroy their marriage. Filmmaker Josh Peterson.

The Things My Father Never Taught Me

(7 minutes) Melvin gives useless dating advice to his three-year-old son. He teaches him to dress well, act with confidence and spend time in the right places. Everything goes horribly wrong, until Melvin meets Mary, an attractive single mother. After a clumsy romantic advance, Melvin is shot down and forced to reconsider his role as romance expert. Filmmaker Burleigh Smith.


(9 minutes) Visiting room of a prison.
Confrontation between a mother and her son, after this one has took part in a bloody robbery. Filmmaker Guillaume Pierret.


(12 minutes) A director and playwright battles his inner demons of jealousy as he tries to write a play for his girlfriend and his brother, but as the writing and rehearsals progress the demons take over. Filmmaker Hans Montelius.

The Wingman
The Wingman

(15 minutes) Greg is his 20’s and lives in a colorful and young Williamsburg (Brooklyn). But he often feels inadequate. He hides from the girl he likes and has a hard time being connected to the young community of his neighborhood. But everything changes when his brother Sean, who has down syndrome, comes to town. Greg tries to drag him under his wing in order to protect him. But Sean will be the one who will teach his brother precious lessons which will help him to deal with love and life. Filmmaker Ludovica Mauri.

Director Bio: Ludovica Mauri grew up in Milan, Italy.  After graduating from high school she moves to New York and attends screenwriting classes for film and TV at NYU Tisch and filmmaking classes at New York Film Academy.  She has a brother with Down Syndrome and this has been leading her to combine her interest and sensitivity to the issue with the “magic” of the motion picture.

Bathing and the Single Girl

(11 minutes) Advisory: profane language and racy content. Single, in her thirties and experiencing an extended “romantic drought” this lady decides she needs to broaden her ideas of who might make a suitable boyfriend. Once offended by her grandmother’s advice to “overlook a little” – she feels desperate times call for desperate measures. But – just how desperate IS she? Bathing and the Single Girl is a raw & irreverent comedic look at some of the pitfalls of dating men you can talk yourself into rather than waiting for one you cannot talk yourself out of. Filmmaker Christine Elise

Ka Pua

(4 minutes) A glance into the life of Elizabeth Lau: despite her age, she still retains beauty through aloha. Filmmaker Erin Lau will join us!

The Eleventh Hour

Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic, Inception), The 11th Hour is a look at the state of the global environment including visionary and practical solutions for restoring the planet’s ecosystems.

30 Miles

(4 minutes) Two time-lapse accounts of the same 30-mile trip; taken 23 years apart and presented in a synchronized manner via split-screen. The individual films document the change in terrain, construction, etc., as well as the changes in film/video technology between the 1980s and today.  Filmmaker Ronnie Cramer.


(12 minutes) Machinehead is a stop-motion short film that follows a puppet as he travels through four unique rooms representing different stages of intellectual and spiritual development. Its an abstract representation of someone trying to find meaning and purpose. Filmmaker Micah Gallagher.

Mouth Wide Open, Ears Shut Tight

(15 minutes) A young woman, who lives a life of solitude and silence, finds herself drawn into a world of sounds by her new neighbor on the other side of the wall. Filmmaker Emily Noy.


(18 minutes) An animated collage of photographs and audio fragments from WWII era radio dramas combine to critique the classic American televisual nuclear family. Filmmaker Eric Patrick.

The Trial of Ben Barry

(33 minutes) An estranged son, in and out of prison for twenty years but now a changed man, returns home to help his elderly father confront and face up to the mistakes of his past — including the killing of a voter’s rights organizer 35 years earlier — leading to both men’s reconciliation, redemption and salvation. Filmmaker Shea E. Butler.

Mr. Stokes’ Mission

Image(30 minutes) Mr. Stokes Mission is a half-hour documentary about Civil Rights activist and educator John A. Stokes. On April 23, 1951, Stokes, then president of his senior class at the Robert Russo Moton High School in Farmville Virginia, helped organize and lead a walkout by students to protest inferior conditions for his fellow African-American students. His efforts contributed to the landmark Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court ruling three years later, which banned segregation in public education. Filmmaker Sam Hampton will join us, again! He is a local Alexandria filmmaker who presented a film at the 2011 Alexandria Film Festival.

The Last Prank

(7 minutes) On the night before a garage sale, two best friend puppets, Terry and Harry, decide to rehash the good old days and prank the family that lives in the house. Though out the night they each set up booby traps that will torture and humiliate the family the next morning. When the sun rises the family is awoken by these horrible pranks the puppets have left for them. In the end, at the garage sale, Terry is about to be sold to a new owner. Suddenly, with a twist of fate, the buyer is able to haggle with the owner to get both puppets for the price of one. Both puppets leave with a big grin on their faces. Filmmaker: Richard Schall.

Something I Need

(5 minutes) Behind one man’s disturbing dream lies an unsettling truth. Filmmaker Four Faction Media.

Return to the Forest

Image(30 minutes) Narrated by William Shatner, Return to the Forest is the story of the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation, the first elephant conservation organization in the world with the mission to return captive Asian elephants back to the wild in Thailand to save them from extinction.

The story follows the unique cases of three elephants and their re-adaptation process. Their stories bring attention to the plight of endangered Asian elephants and the severe threats they face from poaching, mistreatment in captivity, and habitat loss. Through reintroduction these elephant re-learn how to communicate with each other and form social bonds just like wild elephants. Once back in the forest, these elephants quickly remember their vital role in the forest ecosystem.

Yet the true measure of success of the Foundation’s work comes early one morning when a long-awaited baby elephant is born – the first baby elephant born in this protected vast forest habitat to previously captive elephants who have naturally mated in the wild. Filmmakers Patricia Sims and Michael Zo Clark waited almost two years to document this momentous event. The early days of this baby elephant’s life are a symbol of hope for the future of the endangered Asian elephant and also an important reminder that time and space may be running out for this magnificent creature with whom we share this planet. Filmmaker Patricia Sims will join us! trailer:

Menhaden: The Most Important Fish in the Bay

Image(27 minutes) Explore the far-reaching impact of menhaden through the eyes of the men who love this stinky, oily fish for what it contributes to their livelihood, to their heritage, and to the health of Chesapeake Bay. Spend time on the Bay with charter boat captain Billy Pipkin, and meet pound netter Walter Rogers, crabber James Eskridge and conservationist Bill Goldsborough who provide their perspectives on the sustainability of this vulnerable fish and its connection to the future of Chesapeake Bay. Filmmaker Sarah Gulick will join us! trailer:

Make It A Great Day

Let's Make It A Great Day(7 minutes) A batch of newborn chicks take their first tentative steps in the warm glow of a laboratory incubator. When one chick is too weak to escape the confines of his egg, he is unceremoniously thrown out with the trash and coincidentally given a second chance at life. Filmmaker: Joshua Jones. Trailer:

Miss South Pacific

(39 minutes) A beauty pageant in South Pacific Islands highlights the social and environmental issues these islands face due to global warming and rising sea levels. Filmmaker: Teresa Tico. Trailer:

Thomas Comma

(24 minutes) Thomas Comma, based on the the story ‘The Comma That Didn’t Belong Anywhere,’ by the poet Martha Baird, is the charming, humorous, sophisticated and wonderful adventure of a lonely comma looking for the right sentence. Hand-drawn and colored and finished on computer, this 24 minute 2D animated tale of the trials and tribulations of a comma on a quest, will not only delight and inspire children of all ages (and adults)–but will also encourage and educate them to have the best thing in them win! ‘We;re all of us like commas,’ said Martha Baird, ‘looking for the right sentence.’ Filmmaker: Ken Kimmelman will join us! Trailer:

The Printed Page

(9 minutes) The personal side of the premise that newspapers, books and all printed material have had their use in our society. Told from the perspective of a family with deep generational roots in printing the film follows the writer as he begins from a comment 50 years ago to his father; ‘Get out of printing it won’t last, the computer is bringing the end of printing.’ The film moves to newspapers and why they continue to be printed. It touches on the historical side from the beginning of move-able type to offset presses. In the end we see the reality, printed word is not going anywhere anytime soon. Filmmaker Todd Crocker.

David DeLaHarpe who joins us here contacted the film’s Producer Todd Crocker to attempt to stretch his creative legs from the news department and into film. David knew Todd from their days covering sports and he was pretty sure Todd would want to attempt a sports documentary. Instead what he got back was a film that poses a popular theory in a vastly personal way. Is this the end of printing or will another generation of the writer’s family be creators on the printed page.

David DeLaHarpe works the field camera for Global/Shaw television news  based in Toronto,Canada. A young energetic filmmaker David has learned his documenting skills from television news at all levels. He has appeared as a reporter on CTV and handled local news in Hamilton, Ontario where his camera skills were expanded upon with The Printed Page. His composition of shot and choices in the editing suite were a natural fit with the project. Todd Crocker and David DeLaHarpe were both involved in nearly every aspect of this film together. David is currently working on his next documentary with From Thin Air that we can only say involves a distinctly Canadian subject.

The Trapline

(28 minutes) A journey of understanding into the world of trappers and the way they are perceived by a reality adverse social agenda. The skeptical film maker is reluctant to follow his brother, the trapper, around but finds that the job is not at all what the protesters have made it out to be. The Trapline is the side of the debate that has not been heard. Filmmaker: Todd Crocker.


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